Jul 25, 2008

The Van Norman (etc.) Y-DNA Project

Welcome to the Van Norman (and variants) Y-DNA Project. The goals of our project are to unite the various Van Norman family lines together - confirming the research of some participants - hopefully breaking down brick walls for others - and perhaps, with a lot of luck, even to locate connections back in the Netherlands for the family.

This is not going to be an overnight project. We will require many DNA samples from as many lines of (male) descent as possible, in order to build up a respectable database to draw conclusions from.

As there could be anomalies in the odd result, due to infidelity, adoption, or illegitimacy, anyone who would be greatly disappointed or upset if the results don't turn out as you would expect them to is recommended not to take the test.

NOTE: The Y-DNA test is for males with the Van Norman (etc.) surname only. [Y-DNA is passed from father to son only, which is ideal for surname research purposes. Through random generations, a mutation in one of the alleles may occur, thus giving the future descendants of that line a slightly different record than that of the original ancestor. It is these mutations however, which may supply us with clues as to which line a Van Norman ancestor with a "brick wall" might belong to. Again, this will not likely happen until our database is sufficiently developed.]

It is also possible to sponsor a distant relative (etc.) if you have no close relations to take the test. Then, at least your line will be represented in the results.

Please keep returning to our results page regularly as we will be posting them as they are received.

Project Administrator: Stephen Wood, stephe.w300@gmail.com

Co-administrator: Leslie Thomas, aeriehollow@ellijay.com

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